Monthly Archives: April 2015

Mr. Chips

My next door neighbors moved into their house a few weeks after I moved into mine. Since I live on a mountain, and bugs aren’t a problem this high, whenever the weather permits, I leave my back door open to get fresh air. The neighbor’s dog, a Shih Tzu named Mister Chips, became a frequent…

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Spring Cleaning

It’s spring here. In this area of Nevada, that means the pollen lies on the ground like a yellow blanket. I alternate between a runny nose and a stopped-up head. My Sterling Silver roses have gone insane and are blooming in groups of five or six on a single stem. I reward them with coffee…

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A woman needs other women in her life. I need the kind of friend who will take me aside and tell me there’s a run in my stocking or that I have spinach in my teeth. In “Lonesome Dove,” when Gus brings the prostitute Lorena to ex-girlfriend Clara’s house in the middle of the prairie,…

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