Monthly Archives: May 2015

John Wayne

He always reminded me of my favorite uncle Howard, tall, manly, good-looking, far right-wing politically, with a voice that rose up from way down deep. I don’t care for all Wayne’s pictures, but the ones I like, I love. I go to the movies two or three times a month, and even the ones I…

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Detroit, Michigan to Lebanon, Tennessee

I finally got around to vacuuming my car today (including the trunk.) I shampooed the front seat where I spilled coffee, and washed the inside of the windshield and the rest of the windows. Poor car. I’ve been working with my daughter renovating an old house in the historic district. My car was full of…

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Derby Hats

The horses were beautiful, yes, they were, but my favorite part of the Kentucky Derby is the hats. I’m a hat girl (I use the term ‘girl’ loosely) from day one. Raised in a Baptist church where every woman wore a hat, I don’t remember ever not having at least a few. When I was…

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