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Donna Foley Mabry Dress Background

A Michigan native who studied writing in school, Donna first came to Vegas to make costumes and soon was weaving the stories she heard in the back of the girls’ dressing room into her first novel. Now she is the author of The Alexandra Merritt Mysteries, which include The Last Two Aces in Las Vegas, The Las Vegas Desert Flower, The Las Vegas Special, Rough Ride in Vegas, M.I.A. Las Vegas, and the recently released The Las Vegas Sophisticate.

She has written several other stand-alone thrillers, Desperate Ambition, about a political assassination, The Right Society, about a devout Christian family that moves into a religious community and finds it’s easier to get in than it is to get out, The Other Hand, about a famous athlete who leaves his family for a young, virginal girl. Shortly after they divorce, she winds up slaughtered. He is the primary suspect, but not the only one. Her most recent work, released in September, is The Russell House, a ghostly mystery set in Manhattan, Kansas.

Donna has a popular series of historical romances, The Manhattan Stories, Jessica, Pillsbury Crossing, The CabinKimimela, D’Arcy Curran and Curran Glen. A seventh is this popular series in progress.

A light-hearted work, Conversations With Skip, is the story of a shelter dog adopted by a young woman having trouble sleeping after her divorce. With his unusual ability to communicate, he is soon running her life, arranging her romances, and teaching her to laugh again.

Her most popular novel, Maude, the story of her Grandmother, is a #1 best-seller on Amazon and spent multiple weeks on the Wall Street Journal’s Top-10 list. Maude is currently being translated to Slovak and was recently released in German, Russian and in Italian under the title Non avevo scelta. Maude is also available as an audiobook, published by Dreamscape Media, along with the first three of The Manhattan Stories, Jessica, Pillsbury Crossing, and The Cabin.

Donna has also written three screenplays, a stage play, poetry, short stories, and a children’s story soon to be published.

Donna stills takes occasional classes at UNLV and at writer’s conferences and is an active member of the Anthem Author’s in Henderson, NV.