American Idol is back!

March 20, 2018


American Idol…  I was one of those who watched it from the very first season, 2002, but stopped the last few years it was on the air. It seemed to me that toward the end of its fifteen-year run, the show was more about singing loud than singing well.

I’m glad it’s back for another round. American Idol has given us so many talented performers. Not all of them could win. I still remember a young woman the first year named Tamyra Gray. She was really good. Another was Josh Gracin from the second year. He established himself in country music, as did later winner Scotty McCreary.

Jennifer Hudson went on to win an Oscar. Katherine McFee is a regular on TV. Carrie Underwood rules the country music scene. Kelli Clarkson and Fantasia come to mind. Adam Lambert didn’t win but left an impression on the whole country. Sayesha Mercado from Sarasota impressed me with her talent and flair.

The new American Idol is better in a few ways. Still in the audition process, not much time is wasted on the goofballs the way it was before. These are serious contestants, and almost all of them have real potential.

The judges are professional singers and don’t offer barbs with their appraisals the way Simon Cowell often did.

I also like the brief profiles of the contestants before they do their audition. It gives me a sense of who they are.

It seems that this year an awful lot of singers are going to Hollywood … more than ever. If I could give them some advice, I’d tell them, “This is your window of opportunity. Don’t throw it away by partying because you’re away from home. Listen carefully to the directions you’re given. If you mess up one time, you’re out. Make as many friends as possible. Protect your health and your voice. Eat healthy food to keep your system strong. Drink a lot of water for hydration, not booze. Stay away from anyone sneezing, coughing, or sniffling. Pack a bottle of vitamins and double up on the zinc and Vitamin C.

Don’t stay up all night and expect to be able to sing the next day. This is your chance. Make the most of it.”

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