His message was simple

February 26, 2018


While the news that Dr. Billy Graham had died at the age of 99 made me sad, I know he has gone to be with the Lord.  (2 Corinthians 5:8, We are confident, I say, and willing rather to be absent from the body, and to be present with the Lord.) Billy Graham was one…

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Wonderful Things Happen In The Dark

January 16, 2018


If he wasn’t working overtime, my daddy took me to the movies every week beginning when I was three years old. It was our “date.” My favorite movie of all time, Gone With The Wind, came when I was around eight, and it helped shape my personality. Back then, a powerful woman was rarely shown…

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December 31, 2017


On December 28, mystery writer Sue Grafton passed away at the age of 77. Since I’m 75 myself, that seems much too young. She was one of the first contemporary mystery writers I read, beginning with A is for Alibi and running most of the way through the alphabet. Her books were vastly different from…

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December 3, 2017


I’m sick. Yucky, coughing, spitting up vile stuff, runny nose, too sick to work sick. I wonder why that makes me feel guilty. I have all my writing work done for the week, but my list of other work that needs to be done is quite long. Last week, I bought some boulders and a…

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10,000 steps a day

November 5, 2017

FB screen

A few months ago, I set off on yet another diet. I was doing all right. My daughter, bless her little heart, wanted to help me along, so on my birthday, she gave me a gizmo called a Fitbit. It’s a computer that comes in a little, plastic wrist strap. More attractive holders are available…

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Dressing Up

October 14, 2017


I never had a store-bought costume. I don’t know if such a thing as a costume shop existed when I was a kid, but if they did, they certainly didn’t open a business in our neighborhood. Grandma Mayse’s linen closet was our costume shop. Old sheets worn too thin and full of rips to use…

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September 22, 2017


I lived in Venice, Florida for over thirty-five years. The recent hurricane put me to thinking about what I would save if it had been bearing down on me, if I needed to leave the state and I only had one car trip to rescue everything I loved. There’s the folder marked, “important,” with birth…

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September 9, 2017


I’m on a diet. Not for the first time. Over the years, I’ve been on just about every diet ever designed. In the 60s I did the Stillman Diet. NO carbs. Not a one. What do you eat on a diet like that? Meat, un-processed cheese, and eggs. Period. You lose a pound a day….

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July 29, 2017


I don’t have to turn around to know, because Abigail is always looking at me, unless she’s asleep, which is most of the time. My two cats are looking at me, too. Sometimes I wake up in the morning to find the three of them hanging over me like vultures. I don’t know if that’s…

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The Right Half of my Brain

July 1, 2017


I know the theory that the right side of the brain is creative and the left side is scientific has recently been discredited. For the purposes of this piece and of life in general, I’m going to ignore that. I don’t trust scientific evidence. Last week, it was on the news that coconut oil is…

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