D’Arcy Curran

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D’Arcy Curran

In the fifth of The Manhattan Stories, it’s 1861, in the small town of Manhattan, Kansas, the Curran girls have expectations of what their lives will be.  D’Arcy, 12, redheaded and freckled, curious and rebellious, wants to grow up and dominate her world.  Suzanne, not yet 18, wants only to marry her handsome lieutenant from Fort Riley, Jonathan Taylor.  The beginning of the Civil War and Suzanne’s one night of passion sends everyone’s lives in an unexpected direction. Jonathan is sent to the battlefields that will determine the survival of the nation. To avoid scandal in their small town, the girls are sent to Detroit to live with family.  They not only find a welcoming aunt and uncle, they discover a burgeoning city, both ugly and beautiful, rough and cultured, drunk and refined.  As she matures, D’Arcy develops a friendship with the older boy next door, and it changes her opinion of men. Fate throws both girls undreamed-of twists, and D’Arcy is forced to cope. A rash decision changes everything.  Will D’Arcy be prepared for the consequences?

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