Lost Luggage

Lost Luggage

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Lost Luggage

Out of work and almost out of money, actor/dancer/singer Shana Alana loses her most prized possession. In her frenzied efforts to retrieve it, she finds she will do anything, including murder.
With the help of her best friend, Jeanne Harper, Shana finally lands a part in a show at the Las Vegas Getaway Hotel and Casino. Good luck seems to come in a landslide, but the depression that dogged her all her adult life refuses to leave.
When she’s cast in a leading part in eccentric director Hank Azar’s new film, her career kicks into high gear. She’s even mentioned as a possible Oscar winner.
In spite of Jeanne’s warning about dating actors, Shana falls in love with her handsome leading man. She soon finds that Jeanne speaks from the wise perspective of experience.
Out of control, she sinks in a downward spiral and finds she’s lost more than her heart and a material possession. She’s also lost her sense of who she is and maybe lost her mind.

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