The Right Society

The Right Society

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The Right Society

Devout Christians, Mary and David Gentry, fall victim to a series of crimes and mishaps in their comfortable, upper middle class Michigan suburb. David convinces a doubtful Mary to move to New Jordan, a walled, secluded, community being built in Georgia and designed for Christians only. There is literally no crime, and the houses don’t even need locks on the doors. David and Mary are thoroughly investigated and approved but, as part of the requirements to move in, they must surrender all their considerable assets with the understanding that if they decide to leave, everything will be returned to them. Architect David is ecstatic when given the assignment of designing the new city. The children love their new school and quickly make friends. Only Mary is unhappy. She soon rebels against the strict rules for women; no makeup, no hair color or haircuts, and worst of all, no birth control. When she begins trying to persuade David to leave, she falls victim to a series of accidents and starts to wonder if her husband is in on a plot to kill her. His new assistant is a beautiful young widow, and he seems overly fond of her. With only one friend in New Jordan, Mary wonders who she can really trust. Convinced that someone is coming into her home when she is away, she begins to investigate and discovers bugs planted in the house, including the bathrooms and bedrooms. Her probing discovers that no one has ever left New Jordan alive. Living with the knowledge that every day could be her last, Mary realizes it was much easier to get into New Jordan than it will be to get out.

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