Cider and Donuts

May 4, 2017

Yates Cider Mill

I had an ear of corn with my dinner tonight. You can’t keep corn long in Nevada, an ear dries out very quickly. It was quite good, a little butter and a little salt. Yummy

It made me remember the best ear of corn I ever had. We lived in Detroit and later in Sterling Heights, Michigan. Our annual two or three family and friends trips to Yates Cider Mill were autumn highlights. First, we had the cider and donuts. A hike along the trail in the splendid Michigan autumn left us breathless. So-o-o beautiful! Down the road, a farmer had a washtub full of water boiling over a wood fire. For a pittance, he would pluck an ear of corn from the field to his right, strip back the husks, remove the silk with one swipe of his hand ( how did he do that? ) and hold the husks while he dipped the corn in the boiling water for about a minute or two. He then dipped the corn into a pot of melted butter and handed it over. There were big salt shakers with a handle and you could salt all you liked.

I have never had another ear of corn to match that one. Fresh off the stalk, it went along with the fresh-squeezed cider (we always took home a jug) and the fresh cooked little donuts.

If you live in southeast corner of Michigan and you’ve never been to Yates, come next fall, check it out. Since my time, they’ve added all sorts of attractions, including pony rides. However, the cider, the donuts, and the corn can stand on their own and are well worth the trip.

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