July 29, 2017


I don’t have to turn around to know, because Abigail is always looking at me, unless she’s asleep, which is most of the time. My two cats are looking at me, too.

Sometimes I wake up in the morning to find the three of them hanging over me like vultures. I don’t know if that’s because they want me to get up and give them their breakfasts or if it’s because they think I’ve passed away during the night and they’re wondering how long they should wait before making my leg a meal.

I like to eat out … a lot. One reason is, when I’m in a restaurant, the waiter doesn’t sit by my side and look up at me as if he were starving to death, even if he’s just eaten a whole chicken leg quarter, ( boned and skinned, of course, because dogs can’t eat chicken bones and because the fat is in the skin, and she could stand to lose a few pounds. )

The cats, Vinnie and Sonny, named for the Corleones and the same color as Siamese, although they’re both shelter cats, so—who knows? don’t pay too much attention to my food unless I’m eating turkey or ice cream. Vinnie, the oldest of the lot, is a fool for ice cream and turkey. Sonny isn’t interested at all, being strictly a Purina Naturals cat.

Vinnie jumps up on the arm of my recliner and stares into my eyes when it’s time for his whipped cream, a taste his father started when he was a kitten. He gets a shot in the morning and one in the evening. Don’t be tardy with the shot, or the eyes bore into you. If you still don’t produce the can, he comes closer and pokes you in the cheek with one paw … and stares … and stares. It doesn’t take long to get what he wants. Those beautiful blue eyes are intimidating.

But the dog … the dog is the one interested in every move I make. If I’m in the kitchen, she’s in the kitchen, if I move to the office, she’s in the office. Watching … or sleeping, maybe both at the same time. She seems to be intuitive. All I have to do is think about going to another room, and she’s on her feet and walking in front of me, where I’m sure someday I’ll trip over her and break a hip. Maybe that’s what she wants and is planning a future dinner.

So, I have a dog that thinks every move I make is fascinating. There’s no end to it, except to add, I haven’t been able to close the bathroom door since the day she came to live with me.

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