September 22, 2017


I lived in Venice, Florida for over thirty-five years. The recent hurricane put me to thinking about what I would save if it had been bearing down on me, if I needed to leave the state and I only had one car trip to rescue everything I loved.

There’s the folder marked, “important,” with birth certificates and such. That has to be in the car, but it’s not so much a treasure as a necessity.

I have family and friends still living on the Gulf Coast, so those treasures would come first.

I had pets, and they would be next.

Then my desktop computer, because my work is in it, although these days the new work is all on thumb drives, and they don’t take up much room, so maybe the computer itself could be sacrificed.

Because so many of my family photographs are lost to me, the ones I do have are treasures.

My baby grand comes to mind, but it can be replaced so it didn’t make the list. The same goes for my sewing machines. Even though I don’t sew much anymore, my storehouse of fabric would go in the car. I love nice fabric because of the possibilities it represents.

I have books written and signed by friends, and they are counted as treasures. Some of them, I witnessed the births of the stories, so they are doubly precious.

I love my suede authentic Native American jacket done with bone and porcupine quills. I’d wear it so it didn’t get crushed by being packed.

I’d save the CD my daughter made for me a while back. She doesn’t sing much anymore, and her voice is one of my treasures. I can’t even carry a tune, so her singing was both miraculous and heavenly to me. She got that from her father.

I have a box with about a million buttons collected over the years. Nowadays, with buttons going for exorbitant amounts, that would have to go with me.

I don’t have much in the way of “good” jewelry, but some of it has sentimental value. There’s my mother’s ring that she gave to me and then asked for it back and then gave it back to me. There’s another ring I love simply because it’s beautiful.

There’s a plaque with the cover of “Maude” given to me by a BFF that I treasure. That would come along with the Italian and German translations of the book.

I have my daughter’s college degree. Since I never got my own, it’s important.

Life’s necessities, dog food and cat food, of course.

I’d probably try to fit in my collection of church hats, since styles change and many of them could be replaced with something similar, but not exactly the same. Western hats are easy to find, but church hats are becoming more and more difficult. I’d try to take them, although there wouldn’t be room for the boxes. Maybe I could stack them on my head.

My old Bible. It’s worn out two covers and the pages are disintegrating. The new study Bible with larger print that I bought to replace it is very pretty and easier to read, but it stays on the shelf. I studied under H.H. Overbey for thirty years and the old one has all my notes. My treasure.

I also have Grandma Mayse’s Bible. That would have to come with me.

That’s about it. The older I get, the more I appreciate how unimportant most possessions are.

I don’t normally make New Year’s resolutions, but this last year I vowed to get rid of “stuff.”

So far, I’ve done pretty well. I carried lots of clothes and household stuff to Goodwill. I’m running out of year, so I need to step up the effort. I ought to purge the garage. Habitat for Humanity will be happy when I do.

So, family, friends, photos, Bibles, books, and fabric. That’s my list of treasures.


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