December 3, 2017


I’m sick. Yucky, coughing, spitting up vile stuff, runny nose, too sick to work sick. I wonder why that makes me feel guilty. I have all my writing work done for the week, but my list of other work that needs to be done is quite long.

Last week, I bought some boulders and a ton of two-fists-sized rocks for the front yard. The two-fists size need to be spread around.

Not gonna happen today. Probably not tomorrow, either. Maybe Saturday.

I have a painting I wanted to do. I got as far as putting the photo I’m using as inspiration on the stand and the watercolor paper on the table, and gave it up.

Not gonna happen today. Maybe tomorrow.

I have 2,000 sq. feet of floor tile that needs to be cleaned.

Nope! No way! Not gonna happen today.

There’s a layer of dust on every piece of furniture in the house.

Not gonna happen today.

I should do a couple of loads of clothes.


I’m supposed to go over to my friend’s house and water her poinsettia.


The dog will be looking for her afternoon walk. We usually do two miles at dawn. She got the short walk this morning.

She will not be denied, so definitely today, but probably only a half-mile.

I had an old Sam Elliot movie I wanted to watch for research on a book I’m writing, but I fall asleep every time I sit down,

So, probably not gonna happen today.

I don’t know what kind of cold this is, but it doesn’t seem to have hampered my appetite. That’s annoying, because I’m sticking to my diet … I swear to stick!

To make it worse, I’m hungry, and I don’t want steamed broccoli. I’m craving mashed potatoes, thick, not runny, and gravy, lots of gravy, also thick, so when you make the little boat in the middle of the potatoes, it doesn’t thin them out and run all over the plate.

It’s a good thing I don’t have any potatoes in the house. I could go to the store and buy some, but I don’t feel up to peeling potatoes, I could buy the kind ready-made in a tub.

Going to the store would require getting dressed. YES! I’m still in my pajamas! I should say in my pajamas again. I did dress to walk the dog, but my clothes felt like tourniquets so I changed back into loose stuff.

So, thick mashed potatoes with thick gravy ain’t gonna happen today.

I do have that big piece of chocolate cheesecake I put in the freezer so I couldn’t eat it impulsively. It’s been there about three months now. By the time it thawed out, I’ll probably have control of myself. Why don’t I just throw it out and eliminate the temptation?

Nope. Ain’t gonna happen today.

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