The Manhattan Stories

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  • Wealthy heiress Jessica McCarthy desperately wants to be married and have a family. A rogue and a scoundrel, Zachary Belk, the handsomest man in Manhattan, is the only one who has proposed. Even though her father warns her that Zachary won’t make a good husband, she marries him. She soon discovers that her father was right. When the stock market crashes, and both families are left penniless, Zachary seeks a new fortune on a property he owns in another Manhattan, in Kansas. They are only there a short time before he deserts her. With a new baby, Jessica must learn to survive and support her family in an unfamiliar frontier land with only her faith and determination to guide her. Can she make her own way in the world and find the love she was meant to have in a place so different from the home she left? Just as she believes she has read more

  • Pillsbury Crossing

    In the second of The Manhattan Stories, Emma is nine on the day they meet, hot-headed and wild-haired. Akecheta is twelve, already the man of his house. He saves her life and tells her she belongs to him. As they grow together up on the frontier surrounding Manhattan, Kansas, he teaches her how to fish at Pillsbury Crossing, how to hunt deer in the woods at Deep Creek, and how to survive in a land where bears, snakes, accidents, and even nature itself can steal away your life in an instant. She slowly teaches him how to trust and how to share the burdens of his shameful past. When he graduates from high school an aunt sends him to a university in the other Manhattan, in New York. Emma continues her education at home, graduating from high school and then becoming one of the first women to study animal husbandry at Kansas State University. read more

  • In the third of The Manhattan Stories, it’s 1930, and the Sierra Nevada Mountains are home to a town of renegade Mormons. On Nancy’s 18th birthday, her father tells her she must marry her cousin Abner, the town’s blacksmith. He’s already married to three other women, one of them her younger sister. Terrified of what being married to Abner would mean, Nancy runs away and gets lost in the woods. Hungry and cold, she finds a seemingly deserted cabin and takes shelter. When she meets Jake, the man who owns it, she must decide if he is a man she can trust. She has nowhere else to go except home to marry Abner. At first reluctant to let her stay, Jake finally agrees.Tired of living alone in the wilderness, he is willing to wait for Nancy to learn to care for him. As they slowly get to know one another, she learns to love read more

  • Kimimela Kansas 1852 Half-breed Everett Snipes discovers a newborn baby crying by the body of her mother. He recognizes the mother as the second wife of his cousin Wakiza, chief of the village of scouts located a few miles from the Army base. Everett rescues the infant and takes her to her family. The child’s people are being pushed out of their ancestral lands. In the east, rumblings of the coming war over slavery are already spreading across the nation, and Kansas, Bloody Kansas, will not escape the carnage. The Kansa Indians once controlled the entire territory. Now, white settlers are flooding in and, in spite of treaties, stealing reservation lands while the white government takes no action against the invasion. As she grows, Kimimela and her family fight marauding Pawnees, the white man’s diseases, and changing times. read more

  • D’Arcy Curran

    In the fifth of The Manhattan Stories, it’s 1861, in the small town of Manhattan, Kansas, the Curran girls have expectations of what their lives will be.  D’Arcy, 12, redheaded and freckled, curious and rebellious, wants to grow up and dominate her world.  Suzanne, not yet 18, wants only to marry her handsome lieutenant from Fort Riley, Jonathan Taylor.  The beginning of the Civil War and Suzanne’s one night of passion sends everyone’s lives in an unexpected direction. Jonathan is sent to the battlefields that will determine the survival of the nation. To avoid scandal in their small town, the girls are sent to Detroit to live with family.  They not only find a welcoming aunt and uncle, they discover a burgeoning city, both ugly and beautiful, rough and cultured, drunk and refined.  As she matures, D’Arcy develops a read more

  • In the sixth of The Manhattan Stories, and the second in the saga of the Curran Family, the Civil War ended, but the turmoil of D’Arcy Curran’s life did not. Rather than give up the child she raised from birth, sixteen-year-old D’Arcy kidnaps her sister Suzanne’s son. The only safe place for her and little Danny is home…Manhattan, Kansas.
    Once there, D’Arcy learns that danger comes in many forms, and some of them are too close for comfort. Her father is murdered by marauding Jayhawkers. Her mother is lost in grief. D’Arcy faces the disapproval of many when she wears trousers, carries a gun, and takes over the responsibility for the farm.
    She’s drawn to Royce Quinn, her foreman, who years earlier swore his love to Suzanne. When her sister comes home, D’Arcy fears Suzanne is there to take Danny away read more

  • The Currans and The Quinns

    Seventh in The Manhattan Stories by Wall Street Journal Top 10 Best Selling author, Donna Foley Mabry, “The Currans and The Quinns, The Manhattan Stories: The Currans, Book Three” continues the saga of the Curran Family.

    On the Manhattan, Kansas frontier of the 1870s, D’Arcy Curran, her adopted son, Dan, and her new husband, Royce Quinn, want nothing more than to raise a family and live in peace. Their plans are waylaid when the renegade Jayhawker who killed D’Arcy’s father returns from prison looking for revenge.

    Human treachery isn’t the only thing D’Arcy and Royce battle on their prairie home. As Dan grows from a boy to a man and more children arrive, they struggle against the forces of nature, animals that are not as tame as expected, and disease. When Dan meets Kathleen O’Malley, he’s read more